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Show Employers Why You're the Right One for the Job

Show Employers Why You're the Right One for the Job

In a town with a transient seasonal workforce that may or may not turn into long term residents, businesses have a keen eye for people who want to enjoy their work in Mammoth Lakes. We’ve compiled a list of tips from employers and employees on how to make yourself stand out in the application and interview process.


1. Networking, networking, networking.

Living in a small town, nothing beats face-to-face interactions with business owners and managers. It's even better if you can show them how helpful and competent you are when you first meet them. Especially for the businesses in town with strong cultures of customer service and great workplace environments, networking is the key to landing a job.


2. Research the business.

Have a sense of what you're getting into. Does the restaurant you're applying for also cater? Does the business mention their core values on their website? What do people really appreciate about the business on Yelp? Knowing these things will show you've done your homework and that you really want a job with a particular business.


3. Emphasize your experience.

Even if your background doesn't directly translate into what you'll be doing at the job you're applying for, draw the parallels between what you've done and what you'll do. Did you do a school project that shows your commitment to a project start-to-finish? Did your previous job entail managing employees, working on the front lines or doing something helpful like taking photos or running a social media account? Employers here really appreciate trustworthy, committed employees, even if the experience doesn't line up exactly.

4. Show that you're passionate about Mammoth Lakes.

You may be the first interaction many guests have with the Eastern Sierra. If you work for the Hospital, you may see them in difficult circumstances. You may be answering the same question 25 times a day at the front desk of a hotel. Regardless, your enthusiasm for Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra will carry you through and keep everyone feeling good, so show this off to your potential employer. Let them know you'll be a great Mammoth ambassador.

5. Be willing to jump in and move up/around.
Most people who have made it work in Mammoth started off with a job that wasn't their dream. A few move to Mammoth and immediately jump into the right situation, but if you're committed to the area, it's a good idea to take something that feels good but not great and then network in person to find a different job and/or show your chops and move up within your workplace.

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