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Frosty 4Wheeler Off-Road Recovery

Frosty 4Wheeler Off-Road Recovery


About Us

At Frosty 4Wheeler we recover and tow vehicles from off-road areas (where AAA wont go) and we provide road-side services like gas delivery, tire changes and jump starts too. We use kinetic ropes, soft shackles and our trusty winch to get people “un-stuck” so you can be sure that we do our very best to ensure all vehicle recoveries are done safely and without damage to sensitive areas or vehicles.

We have been off-roading on and exploring the Eastern Sierra for over 10 years and we want to help keep trails open and accessible for enjoyment so we also spend most of our off time educating people that are new to wheeling and camping. We would like your guests to use our professional services when they get stuck so they aren’t tearing up the trails and lake beds without the proper equipment and so they don’t get desperate and hurt themselves or their vehicles trying to get back to camp or home.

The next time one of your guests calls for a tow truck but they are off-road, please consider giving out Frosty 4Wheeler’s information and we can usually be onsite within an hour, 24 hours a day: (760) 625-4537 @frosty4wheeler on Instagram, Facebook and Google.


Gear we use
Bridle in action, this lets us pull from a straight center point
Tesla in a snow drift, no hitch? No problem.
Marshy Jeep, we always respect sensitive areas when doing recoveries.
Buttermilks ledge, for this recovery we used almost every piece of equipment.
We work hard to avoid any damage to vehicles after they get stuck.
Jack-knifed semi-truck, our winter recovery of the year! 2022

Rep/Contact Info

Alex Carter